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    Navy Intel Research Ops opening

    45 positions all over the country are listed on USAjobs and other sites that are looking for a Intelligence Research/Operations Specialist. DON0132-P

    I've applied to this job about 5 times over the past 3 years, but I have never heard anything back from the Navy. I'm well qualified for the job, and I'm wondering if this announcement is being filled at all, or just sitting out there. It is renewed every year as far as I can tell.

    Any ideas about this?
    ANy ideas on someone I can contact to find out?

    Thanks for your help.

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    The Navy openings formated like "DONXXXX" where the XXXX is the series number for the position (like 0132 for Intel Specialist) are blanket announcements they put out every year. The announcement does not indicate there's a specific opening in the area, but the applications submitted are used to pull a register of applicants should the need arise. The announcements for specific openings with the Navy usually begin with two letters indicating which Navy region the opening is located in (NW, SE, etc.).

    Hope this helps...

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    Not up on that position but I can tell you that if you keep your application on file and updated, there is always a good chance due to others backing out or not being available.

    You can check your application status and recruit/hire activity once the posting closes (if it does in your case).

    Not sure what your background is or where you want to go with it, but the Navy is hiring here and there for 0080's that do more than the series implies, maybe take a look.
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