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Thread: FBI IA Decision

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    FBI IA Decision

    Hey everyone, I am new to this site. I was wondering if I can get some feedback or general knowledge about an FBI IA position.
    1) I hear you are given the opportunity to select different location preferences. Do you do this before or after you accept your post BI-final offer?

    2) What are the benefits of going to FBI HQ or a field office (aside from convenience). Meaning if I live in DC, and the commute would be no different for a field office or the HQ...which should I choose? What are the benefits of being on the intelligence teams in the offices (v) the FBI HQ intel divisions?

    3) How likely is it that you are able to transfer to an Agent position from the intelligence analyst role?

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    IrishGrunt Guest
    I can't really answer any of those questions but the last one. You cannot simply transfer from an IA position to an SA position. IA get hired, get trained, and go to work. They can apply to be Agents like anyone else, and I suspect they make competitive candidates. They are subject to the same rules regarding New Agent hiring and assignment as any other applicant, and they have the same benefits as others coming from prior federal (non-military) employment.



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