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    Washington State Corrections Academy

    Hello, I am starting the corrections academy in a couple of weeks. I want to see if anyone
    has any good advice? I am very excited but not really sure what to expect. Anyone finish the academy recently? Its not for the State of WA, it
    is at the WA criminal Justice training center.

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    icon31.gif Welcome Aboard

    If you have not yet done so, please take the time to do an introductory post in the Introductions forum. It helps everyone to know a little something about you. As for the academy:

    I have no first hand knowledge of the WA Corrections Academy but there are more similarity than differences in academies.
    1) They are all para-military in structure, to one degree or another. Expect to be yelled at. Expect to fail. A lot. It is designed that way. Most important is to not let the instructors get under your skin. If they can rile you, the inmates will push all your buttons in no time. They are master manipulators.
    2) Is is a day academy or live-in? This can make a difference with how structured it is? A live-in by nature can be more boot camp-esque.
    3) The academics, the PT, the range, and DT are all equally important. Don't think you can blow off the boring part, or parts that don't interest you. On this topic, anything you can do to improve your physical fitness now would be a plus. A few weeks is not a lot of time, but every day counts. Don't worry if you are not familiar with firearms or DT. Most instructors are great. They would rather deal with raw material than have cadets unlearn bad habits. If you find yourself having trouble in a particular area. Ask for help early. This can be from your instructors or from fellow students. Studying and working together is a great way to bond, which brings me too.....
    4) Have fun and bond with your classmates. These are the guys who will have your back, both in the blocks and in the front office. Those connections can help you or come back to haunt you.

    About all I can think of right now. Go in with you eyes and ears wide open and your mouth shut and you should do fine. Good Luck and keep us posted.
    "There is no second place winner"-- Bill Jordan

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    Although I'm not familiar with their corrections program, WCJTC in general takes more of an adult learning approach to training. That's not to say it isn't paramilitary and rigid in some respects for basic students, but as a whole it is designed to put more responsibility on the student and less on the boot camp approach you will find in some academies.

    Regardless of the academy, the best approach is to keep a low profile, LISTEN to the instructors, be professional, and don't give up.

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    Thanks for the info great advice. I am super excited.



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