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    Death of United States Park Police Sergeant

    The United States Park Police regrets to announce the line of duty death of Sergeant Michael Boehm.

    Sgt. Boehm responded to a call for a man down on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal at 34th Street NW Washington, DC on December 16, 2011.

    He was assisting another District 3 officer handling a critically injured person. Our partners from the District of Columbia Fire and EMS were on the scene for the call he originally responded.

    As Sgt. Boehm was assisting with the investigation, he collapsed.

    The firefighters at that scene immediately provided aid to Sgt. Boehm. They transported him to Georgetown University Hospital where the medical staff continued treatment.

    Sadly, these efforts failed to resuscitate Sgt. Boehm and he was pronounced a short time later.

    Sergeant Boehm is survived by his wife Corrina and son Christopher.

    Sergeant Boehm entered service with the United States Park Police on October 11, 1992.

    At this time, memorial arrangements have not been made.


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    RIP, Sergeant Boehm.
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    RIP brother.
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