Hey guys and gals ever since I came from Cuba when i was six years old for some reason I can remember always wanting to grow up and become a police officer. But my family always was against it. Even when I was participating in high school sports my parents would never come for the fear of seeing me get hurt. I am 22 years old now and I work for Hawker Beechcraft as a mechanical technician. I have been with the company for over a year now and In the back of my mind I just don't think I am enjoying the job as much as if I would have chosen to go with the career of law enforcement. At the age of 19 when I was near my graduation from aviation tech school I made the horrible mistake of drifting around a corner with a state trooper hidden a couple cars behind stopped traffic and got arrested for reckless driving. It has been three years now and a visit to Tampa from my uncle who is a police officer in Chicago has sparked the flame again. It has been three years since the arrest and according to the academy rules I have to wait two more to apply. So in the mean time I am seeking an associates degree in criminal justice.

My question for this post is what else other than the associates degree can I do to better help me show any location I apply to that I am truly dedicated and deserve a chance. My end goal is to hopefully become one of the helicopter pilots for tampa police. I am currently seeking my fixed wing private pilot and should be completed within these next two months. Also should I continue working at my job where i make decent money for someone my age or try to get a job working security somewhere or maybe as a dispatcher.

thanks in advance for any remarks!