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    Military discharge and BI

    Good morning!

    I'm a longtime lurker, and don't normally post, however, I have a question that has been bugging me while I've been processing with the local sheriff's office. I did a search, and unless I completely missed it something, I did not see an answer to this, and apologize if it has been answered.

    I'm currently in my BI with the Orange County Sheriff's Office in Orlando. I have passed my VSA and Panel, and have made mention not only during both of these, but also in my application that I received an "uncharacterized" discharge from the Army. On my DD214, I'm an RE code 3, with the narrative reason for discharge as failed medical procurement/physical standards listed on the form.

    The discharge resulted from me getting sick during basic, ultimately leading to the development of pneumonia. They called the effects of pneumonia (wheezing) asthma. They put me on a treadmill and measured my lung capacity and it came back laughably low. Instantly, it was called asthma, and I was out on an EPTS discharge. I don't have asthma, and never have, and invite any law enforcement agency to come watch me run a 5 minute mile and then determine if they still think I have asthma.

    My question is what to expect out of a BI. Is this a circumstance that will be cut and dry, x led to y, and they won't even blink when they see the paperwork? Or is this something I should be prepared to potentially sink me. There is nothing adverse on my military record, and from what I understand, uncharacterized is equivalent to you were never here, no hard feelings, have a good life.

    Thanks for any input!

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    icon22.gif BI and Medical

    Hi Shells,

    The BI portion of your hiring process is not the place to determine you medical suitability for the position you've applied for. There are very specific laws in place to ensure you are screened fairly *prior* to your medical. This is the reason you are given a conditional offer of employments before certain steps in the hiring process. This conditional offer shows you were suitable for the job prior to your medical or psych testing.

    Your BI should be fine unless you have BI related issues, (drug use, tickets, poor work history, etc). The medical issues (if any) will be judged by a doc. Many medical conditions change over time. Some get better or go away, others develop or get worse. This is why you will take a new medical every time you process with a new agency. If you don't have a med issue now or it is manageable or within the departments standards you'll be fine.

    Your discharge itself isn't negative. It could have been a broken leg. Could you do the deputy job with a permanent broken leg? Probably not. So for 8 or so weeks you would be unsuited for employment. 8 weeks and 1 day and you'd be good to go again. Think of this medical discharge as the same thing.




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