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    Irs-ci (1811)

    Greetings Folks,

    I am here to report that i have received "the call" to go to FLETC this July for IRS-CI. My story is like most. From a very young age, i have always dreamed and desired to become a special agent. I reached for those goals and became very interested in forensic accounting, fraud investigation, and financial crimes. (especially after studying the massive accounting scandals such as Enron and Tyco that plagued this nation at the turn of the millennium in high school accounting class). Surprisingly, I was a 2011 applicant and had no expectation about going to training due to the fact we still don't have a governmental budget to speak of. I am not a heavy poster on this forum, but found it to provide a wealth of information. For this i would like to say, "THANK YOU".

    My application journey has completed and now my career is about to start. This path is not a smooth-one and it includes a multitude of obstacles. Stay the course because this is the best job in the world.

    Best of luck to all who is still in the process.

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    Congratulations and enjoy your time at FLETC!



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