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    Will any agency ever touch me?

    Hello all, I am a college senior with a 3.6 GPA and wish to join FLE at some point in my life. I have been interning with a former ASAC at a state agency for about 6 months now and this person wants to help me achieve this goal. I also plan on obtaining a master's in criminology after school. There is only one problem; I got in with the wrong group for a year after high school and ended up trying LSD once, as well as MJ 12-15 times. I am not asking for a crystal ball type answer here, I just want to know if this one action 3 years ago (LSD) has permanently disqualified me from working for any agency from the USCP to the FBI.

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    Marijuana 12 - 15 times isn't a disqualifier for most agencies, but most of them will require you to be clean for at least 3 years. The LSD will be a problem for most of them. You may be required to wait 10 years from the last time of doing that, before applying.

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    I am not asking for a crystal ball type answer here
    Unfortunately, that's exactly what your question is. LSD use has traditionally been a no-go, but only an agency to which you are applying can truly give any kind of definitive answer. And that will inevitably be in line with that agency's existing drug use policies. I would suggest researching the particular agencies you're interested in working for and their policies in that regard. Good luck.

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