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    Stationed in SC...From Baton Rouge LA

    icon15.gif Louisiana State Trooper Academy

    I am EAS'ing 1st October 2012 and I have been wanting to be a trooper since I was a kid. I joined the Marines to pursue this career in 2008 and now that im getting out I hear that there might not be a class for God knows how long. Somebody please suprise me and tell me there is a upcoming class or any information pertaining to this.

    Thanks, Cpl Shirley USMC

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    Since you're ETSing from the Corps you have the opportunity to apply in other states besides LA.

    That would increase your options. Tying yourself to just one agency, even something as big as a state patrol, can be limiting especially if they aren't hiring in your time frame.

    There are also several federal gigs you might want to put in for. The VA is hiring lots of VA police right now,and that's a good gig to get your foot in the federal door. There's also always the various DACP gigs as well.

    While you're waiting getting some college under your belt and your military training converted to college credit if you haven't already is also a good plan. Get your disability ratings squared away with the VA as quickly as possible.

    Most of the people you'll be competing with have military time, college AND some minor disability all of which give them advantages in applying for most government jobs, state and federal both. You nee dto make sure you have as much of that as you can get.



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