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Thread: Hiring

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    I have a question about drug use when it comes to hiring. The only drugs i have ever used was Marijuana Three times all with friends at parties when i was 19 and 1 vicodin when i was 18. Its been almost 3 years since all this occured. However, when i was in my party stage at the early age of 19 i purchased two pills called red ferraris, which is a form of ecstasy. I knew right a after i purchased the pills i made the wrong decision and didn't end up taking the drugs. Will this hurt my chances when it comes to the interview process?

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    There is no way it will help you. You are going to have to determine what the prior drug use policy is for the agencies to which you might apply, realizing that there will be some that will exclude you. There just isn't one policy that covers all agencies at all levels of government. Suggest you read through the threads in this forum to get a sense of it generally works.



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