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    Background issues.

    I am wanting to join a police department in California. I am wondering if some issues will be problems for joining. First I have a misdemeanor on my record for a check that bounced, the amount was only $100. Second I have some things on my credit that I am trying to take care of. Also is my job history, unfortunately most of them were jobs that lasted only a short time. I am really dedicated to wanting to become a cop and am willing to correct any issues that may prevent me from becoming one. I would eventually like to join a federal company and work for them. I would greatly appreciate any help, especially from people that are cops in the state of California.

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    Welcome to the forums, J. you will find an amazing group of people here and a huge amount of information. I STRONGLY encourage you to read the Rules of the Forum. After that become great friends with the search function. While questions like yours are virtually impossible to answer definitively there are lots of little hints and anecdotal evidence in these forums that could be useful for you. Finally, you need to work on your communication skills. Your 1st post has both grammatical and syntax errors. While not insurmountable, first impressions are often lasting. Now strap in and enjoy the ride.
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