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    Moisture problems in lightbar

    Our Federal Sig LED lightbars will occasionally collect moisture, particularly during heavy/blowing rains. This sometimes causes an LED to light up (short). It burns steadily and then goes out in a day or so. I have one that has been like that for a couple of weeks now. Any thoughts on what to do to 'un-short' it without having to take the vehicle out of service for a while till someone gets around to looking at it?

    Anyone else have this type of problem. Will removing the lens covers to allow better drying help at all?
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    Maybe try a hair dryer (?). That's what I used to do w/ my pager after torrential downpours in uniform. I know. We didn't have cell phones.
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    On a dry day you are going to have to get the condensation out...then find where the seal is compromised. The issue is when you take the lenses off you subject the light bar's seal to further problems. When was the light bar purchased? Can your vendor replace it?



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