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    California POST BASIC Cert Extension Question

    Hello all, I graduated a California POST Basic Academy back in Dec '09 and it's soon to be Dec '12 and it is set to expire because I have never used it. When I could not find a LE job I enlisted Active Duty Army and now stationed on the east coast, soon to do a tour overseas (dates are opsec but i can say i will be gone for all of December). Is there anything i can do about keeping my Cert current? am i just going to have to bite the dust about it? Is there some sort of waiver in California i can obtain because i will be deployed when it expires? or during an oral board when they ask me why i did not renew it- i simply answer "Because i was in Afghanistan." lol, any information would be appreciated.

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    Unfortunately the only way to keep your POST certificate current is to be working as a CA Peace Officer. I think being a Reserve Police Officer would also freeze your certificate so it wouldn't expire, but short of that, there is nothing you'll be able to do to stop it from expiring at the 3 year mark.

    The good news is you can actually do a refresher course when you're ready (there is a time limit on how long your certificate can be expired before this isn't an option anymore, so check with post directly Home - Commission on POST). I think it's a 3 week course now that will refresh your certificate for another 3 years. Bad news is if you do this and you still don't get hired for the next 3 years and your certificate expires again, you will *NOT* be able to take the refresher course again and you'll actually have to attend the full academy again to become certified.

    Hope this helps...




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