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    Question about drug policy for FBI applicant (specifically prescription drugs)

    I have been mostly drug free all my life. Never smoked weed, heck I have never smoked a cigarette. However, I have slipped up once. There was a very important test that I needed to do real well in (this of course isn't an excuse I'm just giving you some background) and I made the mistake of accepting one - just one - my cousin's prescribed Adderall pills (I say accepting because he offered it to me without asking). This was six years ago.

    Does this fall under point 2 or point 4 of the FBI's drug policy? (link: https://www.fbijobs.gov/52.asp)

    If it falls under 2 would this disqualify me from applying to the FBI? If not would this be a viewed as a significant negative on my application, or would they view this as an insignificant matter?

    Also, I saw on one forum where the FBI's policy towards prescription drugs was revised in 2010. Is this true?
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    Welcome Aboard, Tom. Please read the forum rules regarding posting links as well as general forum decorum. While I have no specific information regarding the FBI policy there is a standard rule that applies in these situations. Disclose anything you believe is questionable and let the interviewer/examiner make the determination. Any other courese of action could lead to a DQ for falsifying information and/or deceit. I think you will likely be OK but only the Bureau can say for sure.
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