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Thread: Dea job

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    Dea job

    I need some advice on landing a job with the DEA. Currently I'm a active accountant with over 4 years experience but over 10 years experience in the accounting world. I am also still going to school studing for my CPA which I should be done in a year. I love doing accounting but I want to work in a more meaningful accounting job. Working for the DEA or any law enforcement doing accounting would be perfect, however, if I would to do the whole law enforcement and arresting dealers, ops, or terrorist would be perfecte as well. At the same time, I love the idea that I would travel to any distination at any given time. I get bored very easy and working a 9 to 5 job in the same office cubicle is killing me.

    What are my chances of landing a job with the DEA? The only drug that I have tried was marijuana. But I only took 2 poofs and never done it again. I was 27. I am now 32. Other than that, I drink beer mostly only in the weekends. I also bilingual fluent in Spanish, born in San Salvador but became a USA citizen over 20 years ago. I live in Houston, Texas and have located the recruiting office but I have not called them yet. I own 2 hand guns and I go to the shooting range whenever I get the chance.

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    Welcome to the board. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the rules. If you have specific questions about the DEA, please feel free to post them in the existing DEA thread. However, nobody can answer "what are my chances?". If you are interested, by all means apply. Otherwise, they probably won't call you on their own and try to hire you.
    Good luck!

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