I am a 41 year old candidate. I am deep in the process now...just waiting on med and psych evals. Provided everything goes well, I will be sent to an academy in either the spring or early summer.

I'm writing on THIS board because I imagine many of you are either still in the academy, or haven't been out for very long...and can give me a current perspective on what to expect.

I'm not really concerned with the academic aspect of the academy...I know how to study and organize information, and I plan on getting together with fellow classmates to study. I'm also not necessarily concerned with the physical aspect either, but I am wondering about the running that we will have to do.

I consider myself to be in fairly good shape. I train with weights 2 days / week doing full-body workouts, and then I run 3 days / week. I recently sustained a minor muscle strain on my left anterior calf while running, and haven't done any running for about 1 month now. I still do cardio (elliptical machine) for about an hour, and train with light weights...just no running.

Before I injured my calf, I was up to six miles / 3x a week. I plan on doing some light running (maybe 2-3 miles) this week as my calf seems to be better.

I'm not sure what academy I will attend...could be Rio Hondo, or LAPD. Does anyone have any experience with these academies? What type of running can I expect? Exactly how long are these academies?