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Thread: Prohormones

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    Most "Prohormones" are legal in the US and sold OTC and via online supplement websites legally, my question is since these products are in a gray area as in term of effectiveness or being closely related to illegal steroids, could it cause a problem for you if you have used them and intend on pursuing a career in LE?

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    Yes - it can cause a problem. And let me iterate something about supplements which I've observed over 20+ years of clinical and pre-hospital emergency medical experience: Hypernatremia; Hyperthermia; Hyperactivity and Renal Failure. That first one refers to elevated creatnine kinase (not related to CREATINE) which means junk laying in the bottom of your kidneys. There's only one way to remove the junk and that's by titrating IV saline solution with CBC labs every two hours, for 24 hours. In other words, you must be admitted to the hospital. If you don't fix it, your kidneys go to hell a few years down the road. I watched anabolic steroids transgress into the code book; GHB; and now they're working on HGH. There's years of documented scientific basis behind the mentality of outlawing these things. Do yourself a favor and eat oatmeal, eggs and occasional bacon/sausage; drink plenty of milk & water; and you'll do just fine with your strength & sculpting. Most of all, I won't have you in my med unit or hospital!
    Stay safe!




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