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    I would appreciate some advice if possible.

    I am scheduled to take a preliminary test for 911 dispatch position with our local sheriff dept. I have passed this test several times, and was interviewed on my last successfull attempt after passing an additional typing test.

    My concern is I somehow messed up my interview. Several deputies I know asked and told me it was my medical history. The only issue I ever had was an old knee injury and that was my answer when asked why I was not going into police work.

    I'm lost as to how an old knee problem could cost me a job. I'm not trying to crystal ball, but if anyone could give me some advice for my next attempt I would appreciate it.

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    Based on the info you've provided that doesn't make much sense. If I were you I would contact the department and ask to speak with the appropriate person to get an explanation. Or if you get to the interview step again this go around, ask then.

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    I tried to get an answer, for almost 2 weeks, no response or returned calls. That's why I asked someone I knew in the dept.

    That was over a year ago, I missed the last two chances to apply, so I doubt they would remember me. They tend to hire twice a year, not sure if that is considered high turnover.

    I think they are hiring some new supervisors so some things may of changed since I last applied.

    Appreciate the response.



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