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    Changing Majors for MSHP

    I am currently enrolled at Missouri State University, majoring in Human Resources Management. As I currently understand, Missouri Highway Patrol has no preference on which degree you have, but having a degree increases your competitiveness of being accepted into the academy. My question is; would I be more competitive with a degree in Criminology vs. HR? I know MO has Troopers serving in their HR department...I thought having an HR degree would make me more diverse while also giving me a "plan B" career field incase I was unable to get into the academy.

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    1. You are fine where you are, for the right reason.
    2. Welcome aboard, and please review the rules of the board. A search of "major" (with the quotes) yielded 17 pages of threads - most addressing the same issue you raised. I'll betcha they all say the same thing: Get your degree. Study something that interests you and at which you will work to do well. Think about plan b if LE doesn't work out for you.

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    Do not change your degree, it won't matter. Get a degree that will help you find the best job outside of L.E.
    On a side note, apply for an internship with our agency. It will help you get a feel for what the job is, and help during the application process.



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