Hello all, thank you for allowing me to open up on here and ask for the forums' guidance. I'll keep my post short and easy to read.

I'm a former Army MP K9 handler – combat tours with and without a Patrol/Explosives dog in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 6 months I'm going to graduate from my local junior college with two A.A. Degrees (Criminal Justice and Social Science).

Since November I have been actively applying to LE depts, but haven't been picked up yet. With two kids and a wife, I need to have a job lined up by December. I have narrowed my search to 3 career types, listed by most ideal to least:

1. Dog Handling (Explosives, Narcotics, Patrol, Aggression, Protection, Scouting, etc)
2. Forensic Technician/CSI Technician
3. Crime Scene Cleanup

I'm not asking that any of you do research for me. I only ask that if you already know of a company or agency that has these positions (even if they're not currently hiring) I would appreciate you sending the names my way. It would be ideal that I stay in California but certainly not a requirement. The only real req. is a minimum of $18/hr. ..I've got mouths to feed and bills to pay

Thanks so much for your help!