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    Runner's Electrolytes / Endurolytes Pills and Drug Tests

    I joined a running group to increase my speed, as I made it through half the FBI admissions. Our calf muscles cramp up in the heat (due to losing water/salt electrolytes). There's a pill that a number of the runners use called "Endurolytes" which give electrolytes, and plenty of reviews of people saying it eliminated their years of getting cramping.

    In 2008 athletes sued Hammer Strength claiming their endurolyte pills made them fail drug tests. Runners told me I should get some, and when I searched online, I saw the 2008 lawsuit article. The running group is increasing my speed, but my question is if anyone knows whether Endurolytes hinder drug tests.

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    My amateur analysis says:

    1. The drug testing profile used for professional athletes is greater than that for most job screenings (including LEO's). For instance, the FBI test *might* not test for anabolic steroids, or what ever triggered the results you mention in the lawsuit. I'm sure you can find out what the test involves.

    2. There are plenty of alternatives to the product you mention. Personally I like Accelorade (4:1 carbrotein). Over and above that, if you're cramping, you may not be hydrating properly on the day(s) prior to your long run days.
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