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    How long should I wait to start applying for a Police Officer job? (NC BLET)

    I'm currently enrolled in NC BLET and should be graduating around Oct. of this year. The BLET is through the Sheriff's Office so that more or less took the place of having to be sponsored. Unfortunately I cannot be hired on with the Sheriff's Office until April of next year (that's when I will be 21), Sheriff's age requirement is 21yrs other PD's is 20yrs old. How long should I wait to start applying for employment at local Police Depts? I don't want to apply too early and have them throw my resume out because I'm still in BLET.On the other hand I don't want to be unemployed for 4 months after graduation because of how long the hiring process is. Any pointers or tips?

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    How Long Should I Wait To Start Applying For A Police Office Job? (NC BLET)

    Since nobody else has replied yet, I will take a shot at this. A couple of things come to mind here. If you ultimately want to work for the Sheriff's Office, but can't go sworn due to your age for a few months yet, is there ANY non-sworn jobs there to get you working until you turn 21? Could you work the jail, in the communications center, or even another job within the county itself? Also, are you guaranteed a job at the SO when one opens up?

    As far as other agencies, you owe it to yourself and to them to contact them on a case by case basis. By all means start watching for openings now and when something is open that interests you, find out who you need to talk to, and tell them straight up your concern about your age. Some agencies, at least in my area, establish a list, so that if you qualify you might remain on that list for a year, in some cases longer, when they have an opening. Other agencies advertise each time they have an opening.

    Also, can you volunteer you time with a police or sheriff's reserve unit at your age or does that also require that you are 21?

    I would even look at things that are probably the furthest thing from your mind now. For example, is there a pension plan that you would likely be a part of when you go sworn? If so, getting a different job that starts contributing to that pension plan now can be a very good thing in the future!



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