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Thread: Newbie Question

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    Newbie Question

    I'm schedule for a job interview and was wondering if my father being a Fire Chief in Ohio will disqualify me in any way from becoming a dispatcher? I wasn't sure if family working for Government did or not.

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    Newbie Question

    While I certainly cannot speak authoritatively on Ohio, I can say in my area we see some organizations that prohibit a family member from supervising other family members. Beyond that, I rarely see or hear much about that.

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    Sorry for jumping in here a little late, but unless your father is a Chief in a career dept. and that is the same or one of the same depts. that you may potentially be dispatching for then there is absolutely no problem that I can see. If you were applying for a dispatch position with your Dad's agency (assuming it was structured that way) it likely would not make a difference in hiring. Good Luck on the interview and don't stress it.
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