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    Marine Corps Reserve Officer

    After completion of OCS, TBS, and MOS school, does anyone know if it is possible for a Marine Corps Reserve Officer to serve one year of active duty before attending monthly drills? I have heard of this being done before, but do not know if it is outdated information or not.

    Also, I have heard of some Marine Corps Reserve Officers volunteering for deployment and receiving veterans points, while other do not. Not that it is a top motivating factor, but I have received various answers that conflict with each other. Thank you.

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    I dont know specifically about the Marines but all services are cutting back right now. Coming out of school you would be a Second Lieutenant with no experience, that would make it tougher (but not impossible) to get a mobilization.

    If you do get deployed as a USMCR officer (or enlisted), active duty deployments/mobilizations will count *IF* they are the right type of orders. Going to Afghanistan with orders that say "Operation Enduring Freedom" or which cite the right USC (US code, 12301? I am not sure) should get you credit that will count toward certain veterans preference. Getting orders to stay in the US may not. So it is not surprising that orders conflict with each other.

    Do you have an inside track on OCS? Do the Marines even call it that? Would you not also have to go to Basic Training first? As I say, I dont know too much about Marines, mostly the other services.

    Good luck! Things are tight right now but will probably swing back the other way in a few years.

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    I completely see where you are coming from. I want to get deployed, if I didn't I wouldn't have enlisted in the Marines (no offense to any other branch). Through multiple internships with 1811 agencies, I know that this is what I want.

    Yes, the Marines call it OCS, but OCS applicants don't traditionally get the branch that they want. Infantry slots go quick, the Naval Academy and NROTC applicants pick first. I want to be both a Marine and be in the infantry. The only likely way for this to possibly happen in my given situation is for me to enlist. It sucks coming from the position of an 1811 intern to doing partner sit-ups with an 18 year old who joined because he loves a video game featuring military action (he literally told me this at a Poolee function), but infantry goes quite fast in terms of selection at OCS.

    It has been rough considering TWO of my close friends just got accepted to OCS with below 2.7 gpa's in the past six months, but they had connections and that is a whole different story. I know applicants with above a 3.5 that were rejected (in better physical shape vs the 2.6 applicant). Unfortunately times are tough and with my 3.4 gpa and 1811 internships, I may switch to the Army if I want to be an Officer with infantry as my MOS. It is just too much of a difference being an E-2 in the Marines with a college degree and an Officer in the Army. Regardless, I want to be infantry and serve my country, with more options in LE down the road.

    If this conversation were to happened 5 years ago it would be a completely different story.

    Thanks for the response.




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