I wanted to share my success story because maybe it'll inspire people to take that chance.I have been lurking on this forum for a couple months now because I applied to my County Sheriff dept for a civilian position in Feb of this year. I took a written exam in feb and passed then I took a oral exam and passed but I was placed at #13 on the list. I had no hope of ever being hired. Lo and behold in oct of this year I was called and asked if I was still interested and I was interviewed again and I was against probably 4 or 5 other candidates. The interview went smoother than the first. They soon called me and said I had been chosen for a background. I was terrified because I'm not without faults. Nonetheless I was truthful about everything on my background and turned all the supporting paperwork in. I got a talking to by my BI about my credit. Lol that was a scary interview. Anyways afterwards he gave me a drug test and sent off for my references. Almost 2 months later I get a call saying im cleared and was offered the job. I told this story to let people know that you cant let anything hold you back. Put yourself out there!