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    US Pretrial Services Officer Assistant

    I was wondering if anyone had any insight on this position with the US Courts. I have read similar posts regarding US Probation Officer Assistants and have found that it is a pretty good job to get your foot in the door. I just wanted to confirm that the Pretrial Assistant was not an administrative job like some assistant positions in the federal government. Any insight on this job would be greatly appreciated.

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    It depends on what you mean by "getting your foot in the door". It is an entry level job in the Courts which will surely lead to promotions in the probation office. However, I have not seen or heard of a lot of people leaving that position for other positions in the G. I think this is due more to job satisfaction officers have rather than than the lack of appropriate experience for jobs with other agencies. In short, I think when most people get in they stop applying for other jobs.

    Officer assistants do not have carry authorization and do not go to FLETC. You do get quality training in the district and you do a lot of the same functions officers do at work everyday. After one or two years most officer assistants end up getting promoted.

    Every job has it's short coming's but at face value it's a 6C covered position with a straight 40 hour, 9-5 schedule. There are excellent resources, also: iPad, iPhone, lap tops, nice field equipment, etc.

    Go for it and apply. PM me with any other specific questions.



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