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Thread: Fish And Game

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    Fish And Game

    Anyone who is familiar about California Fish & Game feel free to share what you know or share what you know about your own states fish and game please.

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    Fish And Game

    Wow, that is pretty broad. Is there anything in particular that you would like to know about those types of agencies?

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    State Fish & Game {Department of Natural Resources/Game Warden Service/Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, etc.} typically possess the broadest peace officer authority in their respective state. This is due to their resources and abilities to patrol sea, air & land; and they possess all federal credentials, under special deputation, applicable to the National Forests & Wildlife Preserves located within their state. For instance Georgia DNR LE Conservation Rangers patrolling the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest have the option of state or federal prosecution (with some exceptions mandating federal prosecution pertaining to migratory birds) when enforcing hunting laws. When I was a Coastie in FL we had an MOU/exchange program with {then} Florida Marine Patrol. FMP had a mandatory patrol policy of 70% water in Summer; and 30% land the remainder of the year. In the Winter, we would patrol the interstate for DUI offenders. I loved the ones who told us we couldn't arrest them on land - because "we were the Florida Marine Patrol" and "this isn't on the water..." On to the county jail. Another interesting perspective is the Maine Warden Service's mandate to investigate and reconstruct all major accidents involving any recreational vehicle - anywhere in their state. Troopers actually must call them to the scene, which I found kind of odd.
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