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    Personal Firearms and new FO

    Tried a search for this and it returned 51 pages of info, so I apologize if this has been covered before.

    Did anyone have the issue of getting a assigned a FO where the laws of the state prohibited some of your personal firearms and/or accessories? Do FO's have an arms room where you can lock up personally-owned firearms, like military installations will allow you to do?

    Or are your firearms another sacrifice made on the altar of getting to do the job? (I'm praying hard to avoid Connecticut and Illinois, to say the least)

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    Personal firearms that are agency-approved for duty use = generally OK. I don't need the state's OK for things that agency policy allows or requires me to have in execution of my fed.gov duties (including off-duty carry if agency policy addresses this.) Occasionally this point is lost on local or state LEOs, but a civil, reasonable discussion usually does the trick.

    Personal firearms that aren't agency-approved are a different issue, and I know of no agencies which officially "help a brother out" as far as storage.

    If you're talking about inherently evil "assault weapons," add California and New York to your no-fly list because both are frankly insane (yeah, I know CA allows LEOs to register "assault weapons" but I'm pretty sure it requires agency approval and seems to be a general PITA.) Add New Jersey if you're not comfortable being a legal possessor only because the legislature-- which resembles the guests in the Rocky Horror Picture Show-- hasn't yet managed to to kill the exemption for LEO personal weapons.

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    Just to add to what DennisNJ is saying about CA. Last year I was in a gun shop making a purchase and I was standing behind two federal agents (don't hold me to it, but I think they were HSI). They were complaining as the state (CA) is no longer recognizing federal LEOs as being exempt from the prohibition of purchasing "off-roster" handguns in CA. Here in CA they have a handgun roster which lists firearms that are approved for sale. Basically the firearm company had to have sent in samples, paid fees, and jump through a lot of hoops to get their guns approved for sale in CA. The approval only lasts a limited amount of time, then they must renew. Most have done so, but many do not add their newer guns to the roster.

    Glock as an example has their 3rd generation handguns approved in most cases, however no Gen 4 Glocks are on the roster as the requirements changed and now include a loaded chamber indicator and magazine disconnect safety (pretty sure about the mag safety feature). Since Glock has none of these the old grandfathered gen 3's are OK (for now), but not the Gen 4's. A fed used to be able to buy a Gen 4 as they were LEOs, but no longer... It's really silly and a slap in the face to our federal LEO partners here in CA. It's gotten so bad you can have an approved Gen 3 Glock 19 in original black on the roster, but the new OD Green or Dark Earth color is not on the list. Exact same gun physically, just a different color polymer. Different color means different gun and no go...

    I would say it might be good to find some out of state storage for your toys if you're getting assigned to CA or another gun unfriendly state. At the same time, storing them yourself at home probably won't get your jammed up unless they get stolen or you end up using one of them or taking them out into public. If I didn't have a place to store them out of state, I would disassemble them (at least for here in CA) as a disassembled weapon is not in and of itself banned. Taking it apart and storing it means you can avoid the "evil features" at least here in CA. Same reason many of the guns for sale on CA specific websites are displayed disassembled (to avoid being illegal).


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    Thanks for the response gentlemen, and sorry for the delay. I was away on some training.

    I did not know about the "disassembled" rule in CA. I wonder how many other states have that clause. If I get to take them, I'm still left with the legal-iffy burden of transporting them across states that might prosecute me for even having them (ahem, Maryland). And sneaking them in...might be hard to explain away the big safe

    For now I'm just hoping for an assignment where it won't be an issue (Texas...). A guy can dream.

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    I moved to NJ in the 90's as a FLEO and subsequently discovered a couple of my personally owned firearms were "questionable." I happened to have become very professionally involved with state/local PD folks and broached the subject with some ranking state police officials. I ended up meeting THE county Prosecutor, who cited some NJ statutes and case law; ultimately telling me I was perfectly fine (since I was a FLEO) in HIS county. That's all I needed to hear. Caveat: NJ prosecutors enjoy equal status/authority as the NJ Attorney General; since they are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. Hence, other states' District Attorneys/Prosecutors may not carry as much "weight."
    Stay safe!




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