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    Compare potential first jobs

    Hi everyone,

    I am graduating this may and I have two potential jobs on the table. The first is a confidential investigator at the new york city dept. of investigation (doi). I am currently an intern with the doi. We investigate fraud committed by or against nyc govt agencies. This job is a bit more then just a desktop investigator job. They conduct surveillance, do undercover work and arrest people (as a "peace officer"), albeit it is basic field work and they are practically never dealing with dangerous criminals (if they had to they can use the assigned nypd det. Squad).

    The second job is a "legal support analyst" at the ny attprney generals office in their public integrity bureau. This job sounds a bit more like a paralegal position, however the cases might be more significant.

    As someone who eventually wants to work as a fed, which job do you think would put me in a better position?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Compare Potential First Jobs

    I don't think that there is enough information to make an informed decision yet. Would it be possible for you to spend a day with somebody from the state? If so, I think that would go a long ways towards helping you decide. Also, consider the possibility that you don't snag an 1811 job. Which of these jobs would you rather do? And, which puts you in a better position for advancement? Based on what you have posted so far, I would say DOI.

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    If you want to be an investigator, I would take the investigator job. DOI does good work, has some interesting cases (varies a little by unit), and works with federal agencies. There is also the opportunity to get peace officer status and some sworn LE experience if you get into a special investigator position. That work will translate more directly to FLE than the other job from the sound of it, and probably offer better career options if you don't go federal. "Significant" casework is relative and less critical than the actual work you are doing, in terms of qualifying experience. Conducting investigations and working cases is far more relevant than legal research or support work.



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