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    Talking Firefighters spread too thin??

    Good article about the ever increasing training / operational demands being placed on various FD. Including LE duties. I'm only posting the link. The article is fairly long.

    Are Firefighters Spread Too Thin?

    As you can see, Courtesy of Emergency Management magazine.
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    Firefighters Spread Too Thin??

    Thank you for posting that. Firefighters probably are spread too thin in many places. We here a lot in my area about the lack of daytime available firefighters among the departments that aren't full time. In Minnesota, just a handful of fire departments are full time. I suspect that is similar in many places around the United States.

    I have also noticed that the departments near me vary a lot from city to city. Some are full time, but others are part time. Some do full EMS service with paramedics, but others rarely assist on medical emergencies.

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    Good article, Jim. I just went back "active" w/ my volunteer department b/c all the youngsters have matured and gone on to full time, larger metro-ATL departments. That left only a handful of certified FF's to enter a working fire. It's definitely thinning out around these rural parts of Georgia.
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