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    NC Any tips on getting into a detention officer job?

    I have been applying and applying and nothing. I maintain perseverance and continue to apply. Does anyone have any tips or maybe an idea of how long they waited to get a job? I've been a stay at home mom for 6 years so this could possibly be why because I am inexperienced. Is there any courses or classes I can take to help me out? Thanks for any input. i really appreciate.

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    Welcome to the forums KB.
    I don't have any specific information to help but let me offer a few guidelines. First, read the application thoroughly. Are you sure you meet the minimum qualifications? Assuming that you do, understand that these are minimums, and the ideal candidate will offer more. Based on the information given, I'm assuming this is a county job with the SO. In that case, see if there is a recruiter or someone at the jail you can talk to. If so, ask them if they are actually hiring or simply taking applications and building a pool of applicants. Also ask if there is anything specific you can do to increase your chances. You didn't mention anything about your level of education, but more never hurts. And finally, it sounds to me like you have the biggest part of all government hiring already licked. It is being persistent and patient.
    Good Luck and let us know how it goes.
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