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    Should i giving up on becoming a police officer because of this?

    Please be gentle as I just want to get opinions on this matter. At the age of 18 years old I tried marijuana for the first time. I used the drug on and off until I was 21 and realized that I was being stupid and also hurting my chances of ever becoming anything in life. I joined the army when I was 22 because I realized that I needed some structure and discipline in my life, and also because I figured it was a way to pay morally for my past behavior. I served six years honorably, in the army as a medic and as a military policeman with and exemplary record. As a military police officer I have arrested people for the following, possession of controlled substance, dui/dwi, domestic and family violence, child abuse, child neglect, larceny, possession of firearm and much more. While in the army, I have deployed twice, both to Afghanistan and Iraq. I have done a complete 180 and I regret ever using the drug. I honestly didn't even like the way I felt while I used. Since leaving the army, I have tried a few departments in Texas, and have been told no. If I honestly had to put a number on how many times I have used, I would say 20-30. I have never used any other drugs...ever. Should I just give up?

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    No one can tell you honestly what your chances are. There are too many variables. Jobs are tight right now. There are lots of returning vets, recent grads, as well as many others looking for work. Most depts. can afford to be very picky. All hope is not lost, but you will have an uphill battle. Please review the rules of the forum, and at least a year's worth of back posts. There is a ton of good info available here. In the meantime, keep applying to depts and agencies that interest you and keeping working hard to make yourself a better candidate. There are many ways to do that. Good work history, more schooling, volunteering, etc. A path that has worked for some is to take a non-sworn position with a dept. as a "stepping stone" to get into the system and start the whole name-face recognition process. Another option is that sometimes correction agencies are more in need of manpower. Starting a career in law enforcement by working the jail is not a bad thing.
    Lastly: No matter what else you do, whenever you are filling out an application, a resume' or having an interview; be brutally honest. You don't have to volunteer information that is not asked for, but DO NOT lie, or omit facts that are requested. This can only come back to bite you.
    Good Luck and keep the forum informed how the search is going.
    "There is no second place winner"-- Bill Jordan

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    Thank you for the advice. I am currently applying to a sheriff's dept in Texas. I hope all will go well and I will keep the forum updated. Thanks again for the advice



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