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    May 2014

    New 911 Comms hire here in Central FLA

    What's good!?

    I found this forum sometime ago when I started my long, and gruelling hiring process for becoming a 911 Telecommunicator for the Orange Co. Sheriff Dept. here in Central Florida.

    Just got word last week that tomorrow, I start orientation and that I am hired.

    Figured I'd register, as I'll probably need some sort of community to ask the really retarded questions that'll get raised eyebrows from my coworkers.

    Needless to say I'm excited, and glad forums like these exist.

    See y'all around.


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    Oct 2014
    congrats on getting hired. We may end up as coworkers eventually. I'm currently undergoing the process now and would be happy to hear more about public safety dispatching in Florida.



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