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    icon16.gif Hiring Questions

    Hey, all! Newbie here, and just wondering somethings. I've looked around here and see it really varies on the agencies, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

    Took my CritiCall test and scored an 85 with a 45 WPM (They require 80 or better and a WPM of 35+, so I'm not worried there).

    My worries are on the poly and drug usage. I want to ask the agency their policy on marijuana usage, but I'm a bit afraid that just asking would put up a red flag on my application. Hah.

    My question is, with today's laws changing on decriminalizing marijuana, would usage in the past year be an automatic disqualification?
    Have never used anything else in my life, and I'm still going to go through with everything (interview, BI, polygraph, etc.), but I wanted to get an idea of if I would get the boot immediately or not.

    I'm not going to lie if asked by the agency, but I still have a fear it will impact my career as a dispatcher.

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    Good Morning AK92,
    No one on the forum is going to know what the policy of MJ use is for the agency(ies) you are applying with. Best anyone can tell you is be honest when asked. And you WILL be asked at some point. Many agencies have a within 1 yr auto-ban but who knows if everyone does. Even if you are not DQ, use within the past year may make you a less desireable candidate than someone else also competing for the spot. Be prepared for the worst, but don't give up on your self. If you don't make it, then move on. You can always re-apply. If this is the career field you want, there is a path available somewhere.
    "There is no second place winner"-- Bill Jordan

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    I'm in comms training right now...

    My agency has a two year limit which I qualified for entailing marijuana. My advice is don't lie... The CVSA is not the 99% infallible machine that it's meant out to be, however, if its on your mind, you will fail it.

    They grilled me hard on the marijuana... Mainly they wanted to know if I had ever sold it, or been around any major sales/quantities..and I had to make several written statements affirming this to be otherwise.

    The main thing is, don't lie, and keep your facts straight from your original application(s)... Especially if you applied to multiple agencies.. They can and probably will check.

    I made a mistake with another agency prior in putting a job I had in highschool on one agency app, but neglected to put it on another app. I was DQ'd from that hiring process for 6 months and strongly urged to reapply, that everyone makes mistakes and that it wasn't uncommon for multiple attempts at hire... but policy was policy.

    Good Luck.



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