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    icon20.gif To act, or look elsewhere?

    I recently received my score for the NYSP. I am ranked 35th out of 40,000 people that took the exam. However, a recent tattoo policy is standing in the way of my employment with the agency. I could get it removed, but it would cost me 4K and a years' worth of time. Additionally, I am not guaranteed a spot if the tattoo is not removed to the departments liking (meaning that if there is a faint trace, I can still be rejected).

    I have recently entertained the idea of moving to Florida in an effort to pursue my career. However, my final decision will be made after I explore the area in the weeks to come.

    Please feel free to offer any advice. Thank You.

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    Would you need to remove the tattoo prior to appointment or before the end of your probationary period? If you want to work as a uniformed officer, don't let prior decisions affect your future employment choices. Even your FL job hunt will be limited to agency tattoo policies which greatly narrows your employment possibilities.
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    The tone of your post makes it sound like in the back of your mind, you've already written off NYSP and/or simply don't want to go through the expense and process of tattoo removal. Those are personal decisions that only you can decide. Tattoo policies vary, but it can be a limiting factor, both in meeting minimum standards and actually being offered employment; (not the same thing). LE hiring is tight right now almost everywhere. Ultimately life is a gamble no mattter what you decide, so do what you think will make you happy. Then if it doesn't work out, they are at least no long term regrets.
    Not sure if this post actually answers any questions or helps but gives you something else to think about.
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    When I lived in NJ (1998-2002) the Troopers weren't allowed to wear short sleeved shirts, ever. Assuming that is still the case, your tattoos are on your lower arm and no NJSP policy forbiding; maybe that would be an option...
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