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    Almost There...I Think :/

    Hello I am new to this site, I figured I would give it a shot instead of wondering in the dark alone about this.

    I applied for the position of 911 Telecommunications at my counties sheriff's office. I knew when I started this process would be much longer than the average apply and interview job, but for me it was definitely worth it.

    I have already done::
    Panel interview (barely passed it )
    Voice Stress Analysis
    Ride Along
    Recently I finished meeting my detective to talk about my background (i'm guessing he's done, he had a stack super thick in front of him about me and he scanned my neighborhood), I have been finger printed, and now they are waiting for one of my employers to submit a fax (which they are procrastinating on). The last thing I was told was I would get a call about my status.

    My question being do I basically have this job? I mean this is a lot of stuff to put someone through just to turn them down. Do they fingerprint all candidates or am I done with the hard stuff? Is it only a matter of time? (what's next)

    It's really a waiting game now, I have done my part, I don't have a background full of crime or drugs, besides illegal downloading, which they bypassed. It's been 3/4 months for me. I only ask because I am in a place where I need to move by December, I can't do that without this job, People are telling me to apply for something else in the process, but if it won't be much longer now, I don't think i need to.

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    What is the update? I am in a similar boat as you.



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