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    Do you lose sleep?

    Hey all,
    I was a federal officer in DC for 8 years, which left me bored. Now, I'm with a city department, which is a totally different world. I had no idea how different it would be. It's definitely been more of a challenge.

    There's this misconception that cops fear nothing, but I can wholeheartedly say, that's some bull! There are days I can't sleep because all I do is think about what if scenarios. I hate this feeling. So I wonder, am I crazy? Is this normal? Will this go away? Is this a sign of weakness?

    I have no problem with constructive criticism. So lay it on me...

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    Do You Lose Sleep?

    How long have you been in the current job? I would say like anything else it will become the new norm and you will soon sleep fine at night. When I first got into cop work, I got a medical call and performed CPR. That one bothered me that night because I was not accustomed to being around people in crisis situations and seeing someone dead. You will get used to it.

    The "what if" scenarios can be good. As you are walking up to a vehicle on a traffic stop you should be thinking about the what ifs. That is what keeps cops alive and helps improve situational awareness and avoidance of complacency.

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    Thanks Jim1348. I've been on the current job for six months now.

    Yes, traffic stops and welfare checks are two scenarios that run through my head often.



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