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    how bad does this look?

    I am currently a 20 y/o junior in college looking into a career in LE. In highschool I did experiment a little bit. Experimenting being I used marijuana occasionally (less than 20 times all under the age of 18) and one time a friend convinced me to take MDMA. I'm not sure if nitrous oxide is a factor either but my friends and I bought some whipped cream cans a few times. I have not touched any drugs in 3 years and currently have had a safety sensitive job for almost 2 years where I am drug tested randomly/whenever they see fit to drug test. I have never been arrested or caught or sold anything. I read different things everywhere and I have done my research to academies and departments as well but everything is so up in the air. My worst offense on my record is a speeding ticket a few years ago (and now I have my CDL and havent been pulled over since). Everyone refers to me as a rule follower and I always steer clear of situations that could even be remotely considered illegal. I was just being young and stupid in highschool and now years later I'm really starting to see the effects it can have.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    There isn't a blanket answer for you. You should identify agencies in which you are interested and see what their drug policy looks like. You would have a problem with Federal agencies given both the number of times you used marijuana. I think approaching 20 times might be seen as more than limited experimental use, but on the good side it is more than 3 years ago. For other drugs, Schedule I-V, you are looking more at something like a 10 year period of being drug free.



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