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    Quick question about SWAT

    Hey guys,
    I am 20 years old majoring in Homeland Security. I will be taking my NYPD test next week with ultimate goals on joining the SWAT team. I know it is a process, but can someone tell me the requirements to be able to be able to apply? Also any tips to make me more appealing would be great. Thanks a lot!

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    This is all second hand information I have keep that in mind. It's called the ESU at NYPD and requires 3-4 years as a regular police officer and you need to maintain a relatively high personnel rating for selection. Focus on doing well on the police exam and getting yourself into good physical condition for now.

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    Welcome aboard Boohd. There is a ton of info here. Please read the rules of the forum and make Search your friend. As to your specific question:

    Also 2nd hand info, but something I've never heard anyone but actual ESU guys talk about. Try to bring something else to the team, at the team level. Maybe it is EMT, maybe it is locksmithing, maybe it is SCUBA, maybe it is a language, maybe it is being certified as an elevator repair tech, maybe it is a background in animal handling. You would be amazed at the variety of seemingly unrelated skills that help make an effective team. The other thing is DO NOT try to pick up these vocational type skills to punch your ticket, or pad the resume'. In everyone that I've spoke too, the team member had and used these skills in a life prior to NYPD. They don't make you a candidate, but they do make you a candidate with something extra to offer.
    One final word of caution. Don't be afraid of letting people know that ESU is your ultimate goal, but don't be pushy about it either. Your immediate goal is to get hired by NYPD. Your next goal is to become the go to guy on your shift. Then it is to become the go to guy at your precinct. etc. etc. ESU may happen for you or it may not. But by following that path you will find a fit in whatever command you eventually call home.

    Good Luck and keep the board updated with your progress.
    "There is no second place winner"-- Bill Jordan

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    I recommend researching NYPD ESU (Emergency Services Unit). There have been a few books about ESU over the years, and I am sure there is information online. ESU is not a pure SWAT team in that they also handle rescue functions like vehicle extractions. This makes it a busier and arguably better job than most SWAT teams, but also means if you are looking to focus only on being a SWAT guy, it may not be exactly what you want.

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    I have to agree with Nsedet said to research it. I am not OTJ but there are a bunch of videos on youtube that explain what ESU is and what they can respond to. A good ting to look at would be from "WNYC" on Youtube titled "Inside the NYPD's Emergency Service Unit". Good luck on your endeavors.

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    ESU is one of the most difficult details to acquire in the NYPD. It requires at least 5 years of hard work in a busy precinct, and you must bring a skill-set to the table in order to benefit the team. Paramedics, volunteer firefighters, haz-mat technicians, veterans, electricians, and locksmiths make up a good percentage of the unit's ranks.

    Like others have said, just focus on getting into NYPD right now. Then, focus on being a top performer in your precinct. You'll have 5 years to market yourself for the unit, but make sure every decision you make is based on it's own merits. Don't become an EMT or go for locksmith training just to get into ESU. Pick what you enjoy and gain some real-world experience in that skill outside of the department.



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