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    Finally got the call...now here is the issue

    Hi Everyone,

    Appreciate this site - very informative and will bookmark it. My husband got the call everyone is waiting for a job offer!! Over the moon for him, worked his behind off to get it.

    Anyway, he applied to multiple agencies like everyone. A few of them he washed out with. Past all exams, poly's, psych, etc. Top of everyone's lists. Fine, but when can he be relaxed that this job offer isn't going to be taken away from him if he washed out with other agencies? Guess I am paranoid. There is no skeletons out there other than he didn't make it with a few other departments. Probably my nerves in never trusting anything that seems too good to be true. I am a 20 year Fed myself (that might be part of my problem).

    He starts next week with his new agency and in a few weeks in academy.

    I am sure there will be more questions, such as recommendations on how to secure a firearm in house.

    Thanks for all service!

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    If he starts next week, you can probably relax that not being successful in other applications is going to carry over somehow. Generally, that is all behind him.

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    Congrats to him on his getting the offer. Now the application process is BEHIND him. These days of multiple applications to various agencies, there are always applications that didn't click. Go out and celebrate the one that did! Best of luck!
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    Ditto to all the above. If he has an Academy date, then I would consider the application process over. Can't say how difficult the academy will be for the both of you. Some struggle and others sail right through.
    Being married to a cop, or a soldier, or anyone in the public safety field can be stressful and difficult at times. Your husband is starting a new job, but you are too. You didn't fill out any applications, or take any of the tests, but when your husband signed up, you joined the agency as well.

    Welcome to the forum and don't be a stranger. We look forward to learning how it all works out.
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