Hey all -

So, I'm pretty sure I am towards the end in this extremely long application process. Here's an idea of the time line I have been working with;

March 2014 - Application Sent
April 2014 - Application Accepted & Criticall test taken as well as 3 hr side by side with dispatcher
May 2014 - Interview
June 2014 - Passed interview & background process began
Sept 2014 - Finally heard from background investigator & gave info for personal references
Oct 2014 - Signed contingent employment offer, took psych test & met with psych interviewer

So here I am, checking my email and mail daily. Anxiously awaiting a final offer. I guess the purpose of this forum is to gather information as to whether anyone else's process was this long. As well as what is deemed next.
From what I am told, the next process is just the hearing & eye testing.

I dont know if because I met with the psychologist and signed the contingent offer if that means I passed the background process or if this was a part of it as well.

This career and opportunity is a game changer for me and the drawn out process is probably the most grueling I have ever experienced. So any well wishes, positive thoughts, or just comments regarding your process would be greatly appreciated.

I will also keep you updated on my progress.