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Thread: Police Suicide

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    Police Suicide

    According to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Law Enforcement Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA)2 data and survey results from the 2012 National Study on
    Police Suicides,3 law enforcement officer deaths by suicide were twice as high as compared to traffic accidents and felonious assaults during 2012. This sobering data indicates that
    some law enforcement officers suffer from mental health issues and suicidal ideation and behavior, and too many officers are dying from it.
    Very sobering and encouraging to see serious attention being paid at leadership levels in the profession. Far too big to post, but worth reading and maybe sharing around your outfit. On a range of issues regarding health and wellness, particularly psychological, it is far past time to tear down the biases and wall of silence and do something besides quietly noting another one down.


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    Thanks ATF SAC, we all need to be up to speed on that topic and help our buddies out when in problem times.

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    We've really made huge strides in the LE profession, agency programs and outside organizations. We can never do enough to help when ever and where ever we can.
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