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    Positions like the texas constable in ohio?

    Hey guys, I'm cuurently a cadet here in Ohio and I've been trying to figure out which direction I'd like to go once I'm done with the academy. I've read about the Texas constable, whose job is pretty much to execute warrants throughout the state, and was very intrigued by it. I'm very curious as to if Ohio has a position similar to this?

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    Constables in Texas do not serve warrants throughout the state. They are elected officials, similar in some ways to sheriff but within a smaller political subdivision known as a precinct. Each Texas county has a limited number of precincts and each precinct elects its own constable, who like the sheriff may employ deputies to carry out their mission. Constable offices can be one person departments in rural areas up to a few hundred deputies in some larger urban areas of the state. Their job is primarily to provide law enforcement support to the Justice of the Peace within ther precinct, including serving as court bailiffs and serving civil and criminal process. They may also handle process service for other courts in their precinct. A few larger constable offices may take on more traditional policing, including patrol and traffic enforcement and investigations, but that is more the exception than the rule in most parts of the state. The job is more comparable to the civil process function of a sheriffs office.

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    Aj935, Ohio's similar position to a Texas constable would be Sheriff's deputy. The Office of the (Ohio) Sheriff is constitutionally elected in each of the 88 counties. Each Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the county; to include having jurisdiction over the respective cities & townships. The Sheriff of each county shall keep the peace (traditional police work), maintain the courts/prisoners and serve all court papers. My recommendation is you complete the academy, become an Ohio sworn officer (deputy sheriff or police officer) and do a couple of years in the trenches of traditional policing. Don't be in a rush to specialize in one particular police discipline. You can't effectively specialize unless you have experienced and understand the basics. Serving warrants/fugitives unit is a fun specialty; but you need some time in the jail and on the street to learn how to read people and fight. And don't depend on that taser to get you through your predicaments. Prepare to fight with your hands. Tasers malfunction, your brain and hands don't.
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