Hey everyone, I'm a first time poster and looking for a little advice.

I'm a military veteran (4 years + honorable discharge) and I'm in the process of completing my last year and a half of college for a bachelors degree in history. I know GPA isn't much of a factor but I study very hard and have kept a perfect 4.0 so far. For the past few months I've worked as an editor and beat reporter for the university newspaper, covering crime among other things, which is where I really discovered my true interest in law enforcement. I got to do a lot of investigative work and spent some time with the PD on ride-along's, procured reports and got to visit the state prison as well. My work experience before this and before the military was 2.5 years in fast food during high school, so I've worked quite steadily since my 16th birthday and continue to do so at 24.

This leads me to my next move: Florida. I lived down in FL for about 6 months (both P-Cola and JAX) during my time in the military, and absolutely loved it. I have plenty of family down there and my parents are aging and looking to retire there as well in about 3 years. I'm looking at applying to the police academy in Sarasota (SCJA) which should be covered by my GI Bill and cover my rent while I'm attending. After that, I guess it's off to application time, so I will want to find a job as quickly as I can with no income.

Based on my background (in really good shape, no criminal background, 3 speeding tickets in 2012 (had a fast car, learned my lesson and sold it) but none before or since, tried pot once or twice in HS almost ten years ago, military + good work experience and a bachelor's degree,) do any of you think I stand a good chance down in FL. after the academy? Is there anything I can do to make myself more marketable? Would not mind moving around the state but if I had to choose, I would stay in Sarasota near my family or go to the Panhandle. Broward Co. or Hollywood both look pretty good too on the right coast.