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Thread: New member!

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    New member!

    Long time lurker of the forum here, finally decided to become an active participant instead of distant sponge..

    My name is Mario and I am a 21 year old Junior at a major university, where I study both Sociology and International Studies. I work a part time job, just enough to keep me afloat and also work as an intern in the crime lab as well as the property and evidence warehouse at my local department of choice here in Utah. I look forward to a career in law enforcement no matter what function that be in, be it local patrol or as a federal special agent potentially. I dream big by the way.

    Thanks to everyone in this forum that helped solidify my gut feelings of this career path. My father was not a police man, my grandfather was not a police man, etc. So I have leaned heavily on all of your wisdom and am happy to be here.

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    Welcome aboard, although it sounds like you've been a stowaway for awhile now. Glad to hear the forum has been able to assist.
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