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    traveling the world in the military. how is it. what places have you been too.

    i have been thinking of joining the coast guard, navy and the air force. one of the reasons i have been thinking of joining the military is because i wan to see the world. the branch i am really considering is the coast guard.

    where have you guys been to while in service

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    Here's an issue to think of... the kinds of jobs that a future 1811 might want, namely Military Intel/Signal Corps, are pretty well beached most of the time. Very limited duty stations. You can end up getting qual'd for the future Fed. LE/Intel job you might aspire for now after a 5-6 year enlistment, but if you're just looking to travel, going Undesignated/PACT Seaman/Airman in the Navy (or the equivalent in the CG) is likely to get you more time abroad.

    That said, time abroad while serving ain't no vacation. And port calls are pretty damn limited, man. Need a battle buddy at all times, funny assed curfew policies, never know if you'll end up on watch, so on and so forth. If you really want a guarantee to serve overseas, get a technical degree or Masters in Public Policy and work for DoState, the WHO, USAID, World Bank, et al.

    My experience, super lucky to have gotten a trip to Jordan during A school, been stuck with shore orders and occasional, 100% shipboard ride-alongs for other duties (not longer than a month or so, in those cases). Some intel bubbas go to Germany for the Army and Air Force, and there's always the (un)luck of a combat/FOB deployment in the Army or Marines, but you *will not* see a lot of the world in most jobs.

    One thing Navy and USMC give you is a shot at being stationed in Japan, which a lot of guys enjoy. No real guarantee I know of for USMC, but Sailors can do the PACT/Undes contract and get Japan, Hawaii, and others as a guaranteed first duty station. If you're looking for Navy intel and language jobs, PM me and I can give you some poop on how those duty stations operate.

    Strongly consider college/ROTC/Academy routes and commissions over enlistment... there are very few enlisted jobs worthwhile compared to a solid education and 4 years of Active commissioned service, especially if your military service will be mostly a means to an end and not something you have a strong motivation for to start with. Have fun, constantly improve yourself mentally and physically, and do good things. You'll be well set up for whatever career path you find yourself on!

    Some humble advice, take it for what it's worth, and keep us updated on your progress!


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    I "got" to see Iraq and Turkey. Travel depends greatly on job. If you want travel go usaf aircrew of some sort. Flight crew on heavy planes got lots of airtime in exotic locales like Iraq and Afghanistan.

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    The Coast Guard took me from the Chesapeake Bay to Alaska, down the West Coast, all over the Caribbean, Panama, Colombia, and all the way to Bahrain and the Northern Arabian Gulf. It helps to be assigned to a large white hull cutter (WMEC or WMSL) or a deployable team like LEDET. I'll never forget landing on a Navy Destroyer in the NAG wearing desert cammies when a squid (term of endearment for our Navy brethren) asked if we were a USMC Stinger detachment. When we said we were Coast Guard, he asked "What Coast are you guarding here?"



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