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    SWAT Career path

    Hello, I do not want to ask crystal ball questions, but am interested in learning more about how SWAT operates and their actual career path and cover across over 20 years. If someone who knows anything could either reply here or PM me (preferred), I would greatly appreciate it. I am seeking multiple information in selecting my career and I really do not hope to leap from career to career.

    *Just for my personal gain, would this thread have been better suited in the Police Thread?

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    You are treading very close to asking essentially the same question in multiple threads. That's a violation of the forum rules. However, you create an opportunity to answer a question others may have. While agencies may have a variety of special team assignments such as tactical, incident response, clan lab, very rarely are these career assignments. These are important, but support functions to the primary mission of the agencies. Agencies emphasize broad experience in the mission before selecting these kinds of things and the wise employee knows when to get in and more importantly when to get out or be stove piped and potentially cut off from further advancement. No question some folks make a trade off to stay in a particular assignment, knowing it is probably limiting their promotion potential, but that is their choice. I don't know of any agency that has a specific SWAT or other special team career plan. Maybe one out there, I just haven't seen it.

    This is another question where we expect you to use the search function. I just punched in SWAT and got 4 pages of threads containing information. How about helping yourself a little?
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