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    Special Forces Career Path

    Hello, I am trying to avoid crystal ball questions, so in a nutshell:

    If anybody who has either known someone or has served as a Special Forces Operator (Delta Force, Seals, etc.) and could help shine some light on it for me I would greatly appreciate any information. Of course I have a general grasp of their 'daily' routine; however, I am more interested in their career paths (a span of over 20 years) when compared to SWAT or a federal agency.

    Greatly appreciate any information as noted above, either replies to this thread or by PM are always welcomed. Thank you one and all!

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    You've asked three very broad questions that are in many ways the same question in different forums. Again, use the search function and review the forum rules. Pay particular attention to these rules:

    3. Ask Targeted Questions

    Do not ask questions that are so broad that members will not know where to begin to respond. Questions like: "What does it take to become a police officer" will have people shaking their heads. The members want to help one another on the board, so give them a chance to do so by asking questions about specific situations, processes, problems, or issues.

    4. Ask One Question at a Time

    Resist the temptation to ask multiple questions in the same post, especially if the questions are unrelated or only loosely related. Multiple questions lead to responses that are time-consuming and difficult for readers to follow. For example, now and then someone posts a thread that goes something like this: "I am a college student writing a paper about the FBI. Please tell me about the functions of the agency, their mission, their history, their authority, and how I can become a Special Agent. By the way, what gun do they carry? Where can I get information about FBI agents killed in the line of duty? Does the FBI pay well?" You get the idea.

    5. Don’t Ask “Crystal Ball” Questions

    "Crystal Ball" questions are difficult to respond to. For example, some members post a lengthy autobiography followed by the question: "Do you think I have a chance to get into law enforcement." The answer to a question like this one is simple: No matter who you are and what you've done, nobody can answer this type of question with any degree of certainty. Oftentimes your likelihood of getting into the profession boils down to things like written and oral communication skills, knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the hiring process, the type of position you're seeking, "who you know," and other factors. Your best bet is to contact the agencies you're interested in and ask them directly.

    6. Posting Threads in Multiple Forums

    Do not post the same question – or close variations of the same question – in more than one forum. Choose the most appropriate forum and post it there.

    I'm closing this one.
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