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    No one thinks about getting a career-ending injury. It does happen [it did to me] and you might want to think about how you will be taken care of if you get injured. There have been law enforcement officers who work 20 years and then claim some sort of disability from something that happened 5 years ago, and they get three-quarters tax free as opposed to a 40% pension. And some of them go to Florida and get another police job; others teach martial arts; others run ironman competitions. There's the "Heart Bill" in New York State in which police officers and firefighters who develop heart problems are presumed to have developed those problems from the job, even if they never exercised again after leaving the Academy.

    And then there's the federal government. There is the 75% tax free workers compensation for the "Stephen Hawkin" disabled; more likely for the injured Special Agent who can't do at least one essential duty of the job is to get the OPM disability annuity. OPM awards all injured feds [law enforcement AND civilian] 60% of your last 52 weeks salary for the first 52 weeks after retiring; the 60% is considered earned income and thus is taxable. You also pay for your health insurance. After a year, OPM lowers your annuity to 40%. For a special agent, the 40% disability annuity isn't much more than what you would've gotten from a 6c pension; for most civilians who work 30 years and who would get a 30% pension, the 40% is obviously higher. If you're a 45 year old disabled Special Agent getting a $40,000 pension, you're going to have to find supplemental income.

    Most LEO's make it through their career without suffering a debilitating injury; however, it does happen and it's one more thing to consider when coming to a career choice.
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