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    Post-Military Career Path


    I'd like to ask your all's opinions on post-military employment and which agencies and departments you'd look for work with first given similar circumstances.

    If you're leaving the service as an NCO/PO and have a sandbox language in hand that you took to pretty damn well and an AA in said language, would you nut up and GI Bill your way through some IR/History/etc. program for a BA and try to go straight to Fed, or would you apply to some of the few language/intel friendly PD's across the country? This is for a language desk jockey guy, not some snake eating badass with years of combat experience.

    My experience has borne out that when you take "breaks" in education your long-term goals tend to drop and you can get stuck in lower or less desirable positions than you originally wanted... and it isn't like finishing a BA or going for an MA is going to make NYPD/Cook County/whoever look at you less fondly if you end up not wanting the Beltway commute. Curious about your thoughts, though, especially since Fed LE/Intel hiring isn't something about which I know a damned thing anyway!

    Thanks for your time!


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    You earned the GI Bill and you should use it, whether in a traditional bricks and mortar or accredited on-line program. If you have a significant interest in intelligence analysis, I recommend you look at programs such as those at Mercyhurst University. Not a bad skill set for a line law enforcement officer either. Look at the BA as you would a round trip ticket you earned through a mileage program. You don't have to go anywhere, but if you want to you have the ticket in hand.

    Go to LinkedIn and search on NYPD and click through the link for people who currently work at NYPD. Check out the education posted for a number of them. Pretty rich in at least BAs. Not uncommon these days in major departments to find adjunct college and masters programs for the officers. Having the degree removes a wall that limits job and promotion potential.

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    Do the BA. If you already have the AA depending on the school you transfer to, you might have half of what you need or possibly more depending on how generous they are.

    I got out in 2008 as an EOD guy and got a BS in biotechnology. I decided to give private sector work a try and fell into the brewing industry. I'm looking to change my path though.

    My advice to you is hit that BA/BS and then look into a meaningful MA/MS. Considering you have your AA already you should be able to get that BA with little GI bill consumption leaving you a decent amount for grad work. I unfortunately consumed much of mine on undergrad and now trying to take a master of professional study program and wondering how I'm going to pay for it with a brewer's salary (not generous).

    Two pointers off the top of my head.

    Always fill out a FAFSA you might get grants from the state/fed. Grants offset your tuition bill.
    Take as many classes as possible, full-time college pace was slow to me, and it will likely to you. The faster you complete the further your GI bill goes.



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